I’ll be honest, I was never that much of a fan of the Camel. It’s such an ungainly looking vehicle that doesn’t look like it could possibly function on the mon. It took me a while to finally com around and I must say I have some new appreciation for the Camel.

This build is the second release of the camel. It was molded in that gawd awful silver plastic. The flow lines of metallic particles made visually inspecting the seams challenging, I could not tell what needed to be filled and what was fine. As such, I spent an unnecessary extra amount of time filling seams. The metallic particles also made the plastic more difficult to glue; my usual Tamiya Extra Thin Liquid Cement was not up to the task so I had to use more aggressive Mr Hobby Mr Cement S.


The cockpit ball was a mini-kit. There are layers of details for the pilot seat, controls, instruments, etc. I made a minor mod and cut the vision piece loose and made the arm moveable so it faced the pilot.

The model was airbrushed with Tamiya Acrylics in a mottled pattern over a black base. The scheme is based on one of the camo cards which is very similar to the scheme from my Conqueror Knight MK44 from 2018.

I kept weathering to a minimum. Only a few small chips and grime effects. I made extensive of speckling to simulate the fine lunar regolith that seems to stick to everything judging by lunar space suits.



A few in progress images of the build with a coat of Mr Hobby Mr Surfacer 1000 applied.