The Super Jerry is a modified version of the classic Jerry. It replaces the manipulator with a nose cannon and adds a tri-tube  missile launcher. Kow originally kit-bashed the Super Jerry in the mid 2000s and a kit was released by Wave in 2009. It took me a while but I finally got around to building it.

The model is built mostly out of the box with a few minor improvements. I replaced many of the molded in bolt heads with aftermarket. The missile launcher tubes were replaced with aluminum tube. I added ordinance from Wave Option bits and detailed the ends with greeblies and solder wire.

The model was hand painted with Vallejo Model Color over a black  primer base. I added Acrylic Airbrush Medium to the paint to increase the transparency and mimic the layering effect you get with hand painting lacquers. The model was weathered with oil paints, enamels, and dry pigments. 



Here are a few earlier shots I took when I was experimenting with weapon load.



And some early photos of the base coat