In Progress

Riesen Panzer IV

The Riesen Panzer IV is an original design resin garage kit produced by NZ Industrial from Japan. The web site is all in Japanese but what I have been able to translate is during WWII is the Germans set up a base on Mars. There they discovered some previous civilization's culture and technology. The engineers built armored walking suits based on this technology. After that I couldn't make much sense out of the machine translation. Cool looking stuff though.


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HAFS Gladiator

This is a build of the Wave release of the HAFS Gladiator. Built mostly OOB with a few add ons.


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Glühkäfer Build Diary

This is a fun little kit bash project. The concept is inspired by one of the Junk Tank Rock designs The Viper. I loved the concept and decided to build something similar but with the kits I have on hand. The main fuselage is of course a 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 the wheels and transmission are from a couple different 1/35 armored car kits.

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