In Progress

Sdh 223F SandStalker


The Hexamodel 223F SandStalker is a great follow up to the 222F. It uses the same basic hull with a smaller turret and a large antenna. The details are great.

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Neuspinne Rainbow Egg

This is a build up of the Rainbow Egg 1/20 Neuspinne. The model is a limited release garage kit comprised of black cast resin pieces and injection molded parts from the Neuspotter for the head.

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Oskar SK362 Panzer spahwagen

I couldn't wait to start the new Wave Oskar kit once I received it. It's easy to assemble but I plan to detail it with the soon to be released Hexamodel Oskar detail set. I've basically gotten it as far as i can right now.

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Glühkäfer Build Diary

This is a fun little kit bash project. The concept is inspired by one of the Junk Tank Rock designs The Viper. I loved the concept and decided to build something similar but with the kits I have on hand. The main fuselage is of course a 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 the wheels and transmission are from a couple different 1/35 armored car kits.

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