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KV-7 Double Your Pleasure, Double your Guns

I have a real fondness for WWII Soviet tanks designs, especially the heavies and assault tanks. When the Trumpeter KV-7 first came out, I wasn't too interested in the kit but I grew to like it and picked one up at the hobby shop when they had a sale.

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Siren ZA-603 Panzer Spahwagen

The Siren is one of those instant classics. It first appeared in Kow's Maschinen Krieger Modeling Manual as an all new scratch build. In 2017 Dane Futcher released a resin garage kit. This is the largest kit I have ever built.

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Kurganets 25 APC

The Kurganets 25 is the next generation Russian APC intended to replace the BMP and BMD and other armored tracked platforms. The design brings Russian armor up to standard with equivalent Western designs like the Bradly.

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