In Progress

StuH 42 1/35 6-7/44 Production


This is the Dragon/Cyber-Hobby StuH 42 with a bit of aftermarket and corrections. Still in progress with lots of little details needed.


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232M Sandstalker


The Sandstalker 232M has been on my build list for a while. It was the inspiration for the 250/9 I built last year and I kind-of consider that one practice for how the 232M gets built.

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King Krote

The King Krote was an instant hit with MaK fans when it appeared in Model Graphix.  It's big, looks like a big Krote, has big missile tubs on the side, has a big engine, is pretty good size and towers above the suits. So, the take-away is, the KK is large. And damn cool looking. There have been two garage manufactures of the King Kote in 1/20 . Project M and Rainbow Egg. Having built a Rainbow Egg GrosserHund before, I knew the quality of the KK would be high and a fairly straightforward build.

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Glühkäfer Build Diary

This is a fun little kit bash project. The concept is inspired by one of the Junk Tank Rock designs The Viper. I loved the concept and decided to build something similar but with the kits I have on hand. The main fuselage is of course a 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 the wheels and transmission are from a couple different 1/35 armored car kits.

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Neuspinne - In Progress

Building the Neuspinne from scratch has been an ongoing project with minor progress since starting on it in 2008. This is the latest progress.

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