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T-34/122 with Mine Roller


The T-34/122 is a what-if model based on factory proposal drawings from 1942. One of the proposals was putting a U-11 122mm howitzer in a new turret for the T-34. The concept never went beyond the drawing phase and was cancelled.

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The ZIK-20 was a drawing board design to mount a 152mm gun onto the KV-1 hull. A wooden mockup was fabricated but the project was cancelled. This is a scratch build conversion based on available drawings.

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MK44 SaturnKnight

I really enjoy building the MK44 kits. This is number 6. The SaturnKnight is a scratch build based on the standard MK44 Smart Gun kit. I used bits and pieces from the spares bin and a lot of epoxy putty to come up with the shapes.

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The SMK is an unusual design. It was a hold out design from the land-ship tank philosophy that was popular during the inter-war period of the 20s and 30s. It was armed with a 76.2mm L-11 in the main turret and a 45mm M1932 in the forward turret. It had a crew of seven. A single prototype was built and tested in combat against Finland during the "Winter War" (November 1939 - March 1940). During its combat debut, it was disabled by a mine on December 9th 1939. The SMK was abandoned by the crew and sat there for several months before being recovered by the Soviets. It was not rebuilt and later cut up for scrap in the 1950s.

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MK 44 Crusader

This is a conversion of the Hasegawa MK44 WhiteKnight. I added a few extra greeblies to the rear torso and scratch built a new gun.

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