Maschinen Krueger


The ISU-203 is a what-if vehicle basd on concept drawings created for mounting a 203mm mortar into a SU-152.

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The Venusuit was offered as a limited run resin kit several years ago. I wasn't able to acquire the kit at the time of release. With no sign of a rerelease, I decided to scratch build my own.

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MK44 Groud Units

A group photo will all the ground based MK44s.

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MK44 SaturnKnight

I really enjoy building the MK44 kits. This is number 6. The SaturnKnight is a scratch build based on the standard MK44 Smart Gun kit. I used bits and pieces from the spares bin and a lot of epoxy putty to come up with the shapes.

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MK 44 Crusader

This is a conversion of the Hasegawa MK44 WhiteKnight. I added a few extra greeblies to the rear torso and scratch built a new gun.

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