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MK44 Ammoknights

The MK44s are such a funky cool design and the Hasegawa kits are so well engineered. It's such an easy and enjoyable build.

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T-34/76 1943 Factory 183

This is my build of the T-34/76 from the Ural Tank Factory No. 183. The base kit is the AFV Club clear kit with full interior.

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MK44 HammerHead


This is the Hasegawa MK44 Hammer Knight with some minor modifications.

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PaK Krote


This is a quick build of the Wave Pak Krote. I built a long barreled version many years ago so decided to build the stubby one this time.

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Medium Mark A Whippet

The Medium Mark A Whippet was a WWI light British tank developed to take advantage of the breakthrough path created by the slower heavier tanks. With a top speed of 8.3mph, this was a real rocket! I have been interested in the Whippet since I read a FSM article about it in the mid 80s and have always wanted to build one.

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