Maschinen Krueger

Sturmgeshutze Su-76i


After the collapse of the German Army at Stalingrad, the Russian Army had hundreds of German Panzer IIIs in its inventory. At this point in the war, the PzIII was already outclassed on the battlefield so was of no real use as-is. The Russian Army converted one to two hundred (depending on sources) PzIIIs to mount the 76.2mm F-34 gun in an armored casemate.


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MK44 Ammoknights

The MK44s are such a funky cool design and the Hasegawa kits are so well engineered. It's such an easy and enjoyable build.

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HAFS Super Jerry F.2


The Super Jerry is a modified version of the classic Jerry. It replaces the manipulator with a nose cannon and adds a tri-tube  missile launcher. Kow originally kit-bashed the Super Jerry in the mid 2000s and a kit was released by Wave in 2009. It took me a while but I finally got around to building it.

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MK44 HammerHead


This is the Hasegawa MK44 Hammer Knight with some minor modifications.

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PaK Krote


This is a quick build of the Wave Pak Krote. I built a long barreled version many years ago so decided to build the stubby one this time.

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