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The KV-5 (Object 2250 was a design conecpt started in mid 1941 but cacelled die to the Siege of Leningrad. The tank was to mount the 107mm Zis-6 and was to weigh around 100tons.

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MK44 Ammoknights

The MK44s are such a funky cool design and the Hasegawa kits are so well engineered. It's such an easy and enjoyable build.

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MK44 HammerHead


This is the Hasegawa MK44 Hammer Knight with some minor modifications.

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The KV-220 was an experiential tank prototyped in 1941. It was an attempt to level-up the KV-1 series. The armor was increased, a new gun was mounted - the 85mm F-30, and the hull was extended one road wheel station to reduce the ground pressure from the increased weight.

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PaK Krote


This is a quick build of the Wave Pak Krote. I built a long barreled version many years ago so decided to build the stubby one this time.

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