Maschinen Krueger

SAFS Prototype

This is the SAFS Prototype. The design is a test bed AFS MkII used as a prototype study for the SAFS. It is similar to the Archelon but still has a direct viewing window.  The design appears to be a refinement of a similar contributor design that appeared in Hobby Japan March 1984. I modified the base kit slightly by removing the main armament and giving it a second manipulator.

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The main idea behind this project was what if the factory that prototyped the twin 76mm KV-7 went into production with 107mm main gun since the KV-3 and KV-5 projects were cancelled.

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Luna Gans

The Luna Gans is one of those weird yet cool looking designs from the SF3D days. Kow kit-bashed the original design together from the (at the time newly tooled) Nitto SF3D kits. The Luna Gans combines the legs, hull, and center section of the Krote with the head from the Neuspotter and the thrusters of the Fledermaus.

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MK44 Conqueror Knight

The Conqueror Knight is a kitbash of the Ammo Knight with some spare parts from the WhiteKnight. I added a sensor nose with leftover parts from a Fledermaus to make an SAFS Sea Pig type nose. I also scratch built a claw hand based on one of Kow’s sketches.

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T-35 with F39 85mm

The T-35 was deemed obsolete by the time Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. A handful participated in the first few weeks of combat but most broke down before ever reaching the front. There are number of excellent T-35 builds out there but I wanted to do something different. I chose to depict a veteran tank that went thru some upgrades to armor and main gun.

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