Maschinen Krueger

MK44 SternenKnight

I love building these MK44s. They are such an easy kit to assemble and a good pallet for modifications and weathering effects. This is my seventh complete 1/20 MK44.

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T-70 743(r)

The T-70 was a two-man light infantry support tank. The one man turret made things very difficult for the tank commander requiring him to fulfill commander, loader, gunner and targeting duties. It was produced from March 1942 until October 1943 with over 8000 vehicles completed.

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UDK 38 Schenkle

The UDK Schenkle is an iconic SF3D design. Mechanical/organic shapes coupled with wires and hoses all over the place. This is the Schenkle resin garage kit from 2012 and as far as I know, the only 1/35 Schenkle kit. Maybe 25-50 ever produced.

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LT-5 Beetle

The LT-5 Beetle is an original design from the Junk Tank Rock series. JTR is an obscure series of garage resin kits that were released in 2009-09. This is my fifth JTR kit and my second build of the LT-5 version.

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KV-2 with 107mm ZIS-6

The KV-2 with 107mm ZIS-6 was a prototype test bed for a 107mm gun. It never entered production but I like the look of the beast so decided to model it as an in-service vehicle.

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