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23,491 suits of the AFS, including Mk.III which was the prototype or simple type of that, which was the main armored fighting suit of the Mercenery troops at the early stage of the war, were produced. 20,992 of them were Mk.II of which each part was refined and which had higher productivity and defensive power, and 2,315 of the rest were Mk.I which was the earliest type of the AFS. The Mk.II, however, took a great invincible active part on the battle field because the Shutoral side had no effective countermeasure. It was said that the AFS.Mk.I was the type which took the most active part of all the types of the AFS in a sense.

Kit Build:

This build is based on the Wave AFS Mk 1 kit. Construction was very straightforward. I replaced the kit joints with sculpted epoxy putty, replaced the plastic power pipe with a metal spring, and added the missing wires.


This is my second recent attempt at a hand painted finish. Like the last time, I used Vallejo Model Color acrylics. I applied a dark base coat of Chocolate Brown. On top of this I painted transparent coats of paint to achieve a varied base coat with lots of depth. I applied a couple light coats of Mr. Hobby Gunze Gloss Coat from a rattle spray can. This sealed the paint and created a nice gloss surface for decals. I would say this spray can dries glossier than Future and is something I will certainly use again.


I used the kit supplied decals to create the version that is on the box and in the instructions. I applied another light coat of the Gunze Gloss to seal the decals. Once this was cured, I applied a couple light filters or Burnt Sienna to add more warmth to the color. I then applied a wash of thinned Burnt Umber to accent the panel lines.

When these had dried sufficiently, I applied a couple light coats of Mr. Hobby Gunze Flat Clear from a spray can to flatten the surface finish. This is a little too flat as I like just a little satin left in the finish to accent the weathering.

I applied more oil paint washes and some specialized filters to accent panels. I also used Yellow Ochre straight from the tube to add some pop to the upper surfaces and I used Burnt Sienna straight from the tube to add some shadows to the lower and inner faces.

Once all this had dried for a while, I painted the white ID bands. The opaque quality of the Vallejo acrylic paints meant this only took two or three light coats of paint.


The base is very simple. It is a 2x2x2 cube of wood from the craft store stained with Dark Walnut and 3 coats of Satin polyurethane were applied to seal the finish. The groundwork is Matt Gel Medium mixed with MIG Pigments, sand, dirt, and root and leaf debris. I pressed in a few small pebbles and some additional roots. There is no green vegetation as I was going for that dusty, dry, barren look to compliment the tannish yellow base color.


The figure is the bust from the kit. I modified it just a little by sanding the neck stalk so the head could be turned just a little. It adds a little more life into an otherwise stagnant pose. The sculpt is pretty decent for an injection molded figure, and the clean details for the eyes, finally allowed me to paint a decent set of eyes for the figure.