Firefly X-K427 - Chapter 2 - Final Assembly and Paint

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January 13 2010

Just about there, sans cockpit (which will only be assembled after parts are painted). The AG housings are gueld in place and all the loose bits are attaChed. If you see it in the photos, it's glued down. The only remaining items are the wires, which will be the very last item installed. I still need to  replace the Crocodile tow loop which I broke off but I haven't figured out a good replacement other than the piece from the Churchill kit. I fabricated a new stand which is much cleaner and will be the final display stand. It will have groundwork, but that should wait until I know what type of scheme it's going to have so the terrain is appropriate.

Next up is a nice coat of primer, check for flaws, sand and repeat as neccessary.




Jaunuary 15 2010


Camo Study for FireFly - Mottled Three Tone Green with Sky Blue Underside. Orange ID Bands. Markings to be determined



May 7 2010

It's been a while since the last post on this guy, but I have been making some progress.

I first preshaded the model with thinned Tamiya Black. I used a lot of it too. This is the largest model I have ever painted and was surprised by how long it took me to pre-shade this beast. I spent over 1.5 hours for the black alone. After the black, I airbrushed on browns and rust colors as the underlay for weathering with the "hairspray" technique.


The following are some detail shots with some paint applied and scrubbed away. Sorry, no product placement action shots with my hand off camera holding a clean brush. The underside is worked over, but the top side has only been painted on the mechanicals that would be weathered the most. These parts are going to be mostly rust while the rest pf the model will have more or less the same level as the underside.



May 12 2010

The model has been given the same treatment as the underside. I airbrushed two coats of hairspray over the brown/rust combo. The colors are Tamiya Acrylics thinned with their Lacquer Thinner. I was careful not to overspray the paint boundaries as I didn’t want a buildup of paint  to make it difficult to reactivate the HS. I also tried a little of the salt mask technique, but that didn’t work as I hoped – more later. Once the paint had set for a little while and dry to the touch, I started attacking the paint with an old paint brush dipped in water. When the paint started getting loose, I would rub the paint off with the brush or a toothpick for the longer scratches. The salt mask did not want to come off as easily and ripped the paint off down to the primer. Well, the pitted surface should make for more interesting touchups. There are a lot of touch ups next and I still need to paint the AG spheres. I put about 3.5 hours into the top surface painting and chipping and I’d say I’m only about half way done with base color  painting.