The HASE – Heavily Armored Snake Eye, is built from a resin kit offered by Kent Matheson through IHYSC. It was available for one day at the Japanese Wonder Festival making this a very rare resin kit. The original sculpt is based on one of Kow’s loose sketches seen in the MaK Encyclopedia Volume 2. The figure used in this vignette is from Zionel Western Bis, also only available at WF in Japan. The hanger scene display base is completely scratch built. The base is a threaded PVC adapter and the gantry is built from styrene angle strip and a lot of rivets, a lot. The rest is bits from the spares box.



In progress Images


The suit was hand painted with Vallejo Acrylics and weathered with oils. The base and gantry were painted with Tamiya Acrylics and weathered with oil paints MIG Washes, SIN Filters, and MIG Fantasy Line Pigments.

The figure was the most difficult item of this whole thing and nearly kept me from finishing the whole project. Numerous pin holes plagued the casting and I can not remember how many times I primed and sanded only to find even more pin holes. The sculpting was not very good and required a lot of repair work to replace the soft details which included sculpting a new foot and casting a copy. Once ready, painting went very quickly and I am very pleased with how the orange turned out.

Final Images




There have been several comments about the gravity in the scene. Why is the suit grounded while the mechanic is floating and why is there a gantry to support the hose in zero G. It’s just a model. The gantry is merely used to help frame the scene and the hose is just something to help give it a visual purpose. The floating mechanic is there to provide a splash of color and add some motion to an otherwise static scene. Maybe the suit has magnetic boots. It doesn’t really matter.