KV U-19

This is one of those odd Russian tank designs that just caught my eye and needed to be built.

In 1942 there were several proposals to mount a heavy howitzer on a tank chassis to deal with heavy concrete defensive fortifications. One of the proposals was to mount a 203mm B4 howitzer on the chassis of the KV-1 tank. The project didn't make it past drawing phase and was rejected for obvious reasons.

I designed most of the casemate a gun mount in 3D CAD and had a few of the more complex parts 3D printed. Cleanup wasn't that bad. The supports are pretty small at the contact point and fortunately some of the parts have a cast texture. I made 2D drawings for the flat parts and cut the sides from sheet styrene stock.



The model is ready for primer. It's been detailed with Fruil tracks. Value Gear resin accessories and a MiniArt Figure.



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