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This site is a gallery of my finished builds, in-progress projects, tips, reviews, and reference articles. I have expanded my interests into armor modeling but the main focus of this site is still SF3D/Maschinen Krieger.

SF3D was a Sci Fi plastic model series which ran during the mid 1980s. The series was created by artist Kow Yokoyama with Kunitaka Imai and Hiroshi Ichimura. SF3D was introduced in the Hobby Japan Magazine as a special monthly installment of scratch built models. Nitto, a small Japanese company picked up the rights to make plastic kits of Kow's designs. The models produced were very high quality with crisp molding, fine details and they included copper rod, brass tube, spring coils, and photo-etched parts. They were one of the first multimedia kits produced. The series ended after a few years. In 1998, the series was reintroduced by Nitto and Kow under the new name Maschinen Krieger Zbv 3000.



JTNCA Walker

The JTNCA Walker is an original design from the series Junk Tank Rock. JTR is an obscure series of garage resin kits and were only available from the one day event in Japan called Wonder Festival. This is a very limited run garage kit from the 2008-09 time frame.

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WASP Hover Car

I was getting burned out on tanks and wanted to have some creative fun again. I picked up a 1/35 resin car kit from the early 90s  for $5 at a local swap meet and started digging thru the boxes of spare parts.

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KV U-19

This is one of those odd Russian tank designs that just caught my eye and needed to be built.

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Sturmgeshutze Su-76i


After the collapse of the German Army at Stalingrad, the Russian Army had hundreds of German Panzer IIIs in its inventory. At this point in the war, the PzIII was already outclassed on the battlefield so was of no real use as-is. The Russian Army converted one to two hundred (depending on sources) PzIIIs to mount the 76.2mm F-34 gun in an armored casemate.


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MK44 HammerHead


This is the Hasegawa MK44 Hammer Knight with some minor modifications.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is not to profit form the hard work Kow Yokoyama, Kunitaka Imai, Hiroshi Ichimura and others have spent on this series. Any photos or sketches of the original SF3D or MaK 3000 series included in this site are property of Kow Yokoyama and friends, and are for your reference only.