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hello i´m maalev but when i enter in the foro today , was with "ivancorp" username.i don´t know why. ???
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hello i´m maalev again , i enter with other username (ivancorp) from this link


i don´t know i´ts normaly.

excusme if i do any problems. ( no my intention).


I suggest the admin of that site to remove all the part after the "?" from the link ;)


1. log out.
2. type in this link:


3. login, a check the box to stay logged in.
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Quote from: JaM on Dec 30, 2007 03:58 PM
I suggest the admin of that site to remove all the part after the "?" from the link ;)
Include the question mark in that; everything after "index.php" should go. It's a variable, which sets the Session ID to "9eaddd348c114eb9685923f25ae4594e&" every time, when every new session should have its own unique ID. I suspect that this particular session was originally assigned to "IvanCorp".

Besides, who the heck sends a Session ID to the server through the GET superarray? (Sorry, I teach Web site development at college. :-[ )
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This is actually Ivancorp speaking i have experienced the same issues a while back and yesterday i was timed out of the forum? maybe this was when the session link was interupted?  I thought it was just me that stuff like this happened to!  ;D
Property of Scumbag College :-P


Yeah, on certain days the system seems to time out all the time, I don't stress about it, I just put it down to the vagaries of the Internet, and the general weirdness of the local server (NZ Telecom).. >:(..........and have an excellent New Year IvanCorp ;D
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