Five Years old soon. I'm a big boy!

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Hell yeah! Happy birthday!   :D


Echo what Will says. I've had a great time here, learned from others and improved my skills. Great place to kill time or post a masterpiece.
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Yes, I second all the above. I work oh-so-painfully slowly but still, I have learned a great deal reading the WIP threads and looking at what are, frankly, some of the most beautifully made models around. Makes me smile nearly every time I visit here.
Model making at glacial speed is a pain in the...


Though rather late (and a little resistant at first) I'm a fan of Ma.k and this site is a gold mine of info. Thanks to all for making it so great to read. I have to start a kit. Thinking the Melusine...
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thanks bk cheers ...have a pizza party :D ;D


Thanks for creating ths site BK. where else would I check like 20 times a day? ;D ;D ;D