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This weekend the site will receive it's first upgrade affecting the colours and graphics. It will be a minimal upgrade, primarily affecting the colour scheme.

In the weeks that follow, the graphics will be finalised along with layout changes, completing version 1.0 of the forum release.

Thanks for your patience and tolerating 'baby' blue to-date ;-p

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Theme v1.0 has been rolled out.
Thanks to all who contributed suggestions and feedback.

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Very cool the grey-blue kuster on the dark red backgorund ;D

And I also like the color tones in general


heh. thanks!

in the up coming weeks we'll be implementing a system that will cycle through a set of varying banner graphics.
we'll also be changing the new post/no new post diamond into a mech unit silouhette.

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Very smart and easy on the eye as well. :)


ohhh man, love the new look. BRAVO!!! ;D ;D ;D



yeah i like it too.

BK came up with the general colour scheme (tan/red) and while I wielded the paintbrush and messed with the JPEGs.

I wasnt sure about the red, but it seems to work.

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I would have gone a little grayer on the red, but that may just be my monitor.


Very nice, i like the colour and the Küster drawing, very cool! It's remind all the kit box design and style, like Bahaus way, the great 1920 german school that produce a lot of graphic and advertasing (Vassily Kandinsky come from this school).
This is this graphic and typographic way that inspired Kow for the box design!!! I read it in the SCI FI & Fantasy Modeler N°4. There is an article "SF3D  History", very interesting. ;D ;D


I must say I like it too, now.

And the red goes well with the shirt of captain Vic. :D
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Nice effort. :)

Let me point out however that texts that are URLs in posts don't stand out enough. So, people can only see there is a link when accidentally mousing over said text. :-\


Quote from: kent on Apr 10, 2007 12:44 PM. When people ask for comments and I care I give them as honestly as I can. You asked for comments, so I gave a couple. If you're going to be offended when they come, please don't ask.

honesty is a good policy, but is typically tempered with consideration of the recipients.
we welcomed feedback and questions during the beta testing phase. site is live now.

thanks again.

PS: i will get to work on that tile today !

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Everyone knows is the best Mak site in the world  ;), baring any typos that is. So why would we need a pop up? Besides, who would click "Cancel".  ;D

At this point, the forum is up an running and life around here can continue on its steady path of MaK knowledge.

We aware or numerous minor tweaks that need to be addressed and will get to these as time permits.

If you notice any issues with the site functionality, please send us an email or PM.

Thank you all for signing up and getting a MaK community forum back on it's feet and baring with us while we get the minor items worked out.
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