Happy New Year

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To all Fellow Ma.K-ites.     

May you all have a most prosperous New Year.

I shall raise a glass in your general directions (which is kinda easy from down at the bottom of the World! 
;D )

Cheers from the Shaky Isles...............   
Ma.K Heretic


I wish you all the best, success and health in 2009!

I will drink a little to you all tonight in good old Germany!

Cheers from Neckarhausen...
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Happy new year to all you people!!!

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Make more Ma.K!
Think more Ma.K!

And that's an ORDER!
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Keeping up the tradition of Hogmanay...

Here's to us thats like us, damb few, and their all dead...

Going First Footn tonight...

For thouse of you not of Scottish Blood... in Scotland the tradition of Hogmanay or New Years is to go out after the clock or Bells strike Midnight and visit your neighbors...

Usually you bring suitable gifts to welcome the new year and ensure good luck throughout the year...

A lump of coal - for warmth. (When presenting the lump of coal, the first-foot should say, 'Lang may yer lum reek with othrs coal... a traditional Scots good luck blessing for the long dark nights, literally translated as 'Long may your chimney smoke with other peoples coal.

Cake or biscuits - to ensure the household never goes hungry. The cake is often a very rich and moist fruit cake known as Black Bun.
Salt - to bring wealth.

"Today its customary to bring a bottle and a box of chocolates or sweets".

It is important for the good luck of the household that the first-foot is a suitable person; the ideal first-foot is a tall, dark-haired stranger - this harks back to the days of the Vikings, when a blond-haired stranger arriving in the middle of the night wasn't usually good news. And it customary for the First Foot to share a dram or two of fine Scotch Whiskey preferably a large one...then we all go to the next house and start again...More Whiskey... then on to the next and the next...more Whiskeyyyy. Then it turns into a Cailey and this can go on till sunrise or long into the next day... however I don't know of many that make it till then especially in a large neighborhood.

So to all... raise a glass  "Lang may yer lum reak with othrs coal"...

Cheers Dirk
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HAPPY 2009!!!

May this year see a deluge of Maschinen Goodness revealed and even more Maschinen kits built (and on a personal note: more Maschinen parts identified ;D).


A Happy New Year to you and yours and hopes that 2009 will be better that last.


As we say in Australia - HAPPY NEW BEER !!!

(OK, I made it up  :D )
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